One and Done Fundraising Methods

Featuring no delivery on these products to sell. Sell on the spot, collect money and give product. Super easy for students and parents.


Extreme Saver Coupon Books - Includes Mobile Pass

Most Profitable One-and-Done Fundraiser with 50% Profit

These books are super easy to sell in person as there is so much value to save money with local and national companies. Over $200 of 100% Free Coupons that has 10x the value of the cost of the book. Priced to sell with a high profit margin.


Mobile Coupon Pass - coupons on your phone

Easy One-and-Done Fundraiser with 65% Profit

Our Mobile Coupon Pass sells for $20 and you receive 65% Profit or $13 per unit sold. We have over 2500 coupons across the states of MN, ND, SD & WI. We are continuing on opening new markets where you will have access to. Sell with or without card.


Sweet Treats

Chocolate Bars, Pretzel Sticks, Gummies, Fortune Cookies, Fruit Snacks

Fundraise with products that people love to consume. Who doesn’t like chocolate or fruit as a nice treat for the day. Sell on the spot and make the sales you need. Receive up to 50% profit on each sale.