TNT Gymnastics Water Bottle Fundraiser

We need help to raising money for team expenses.

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How we are raising money

Thanks for visiting this page. Please support TNT Gymnastics by buying one or more Personal Water Bottles or insulated tumblers with your name and their logo on it. You can also give a water bottle to a student who is unable to purchase one. Just type "GIFT" in the name box: Bottles are $20, tumblers are $25. Place Order before April 16th, 2019.

Watch video for more information.

Thank you!
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Water bottle with color options
Insulated tumbler mug with color options
Water bottle facts

Purchase Form

*Seller Name:

Type the persons name to get credit for this sale in the "seller" field (use "St. Michael's" if you don't have name)

*Bottle Type:

*Choose Type

*Name on Bottle:

Type the persons name as you want it to appear on the bottle, or type "GIFT" to give one to a student who is unable to purchase one.

To purchase more than one Water Bottle add this to cart and return with 'continue shopping'