Cookie Dough 

Launch your next fundraising program off with some of the finest shelf-stable cookie doughs, cheesecakes, brownies, funnel cakes, gourmet popcorns, edible cookie doughs, soups and party dips available! This winning, order-taker program is perfect for the elementary school, church group, band/choir or Little League organization looking to raise money the easy and delicious way – selling products that everyone loves!

cookie dough

Quaker® Oats, M&M® candies, Heath® pieces, Andes® mints, and many more

Cheese ball mixes

CHEESECAKE mixes in flavors such as Pumpkin and Caramel Apple. A fall favorite


gourmet popcorn & candy

  • Great tasting popcorn
  • Best candy to choose from

Funnel cakes & brownies

  • Who can refuse delicious funnel cakes
  • Mouth watering chocolate brownies 

gourmet soups & mixes

Baked Potato Soup, Fiesta Soup Trio, Chicken Chili Mix, Three Cheese Biscuits, and more  

Shelf stable cookie dough

  • Lasts longer 
  • No need to keep frozen