Mobile Coupon Pass FAQ's

I bought your Mobile Coupon pass, now what do I do?

Load this website: click here on your mobile device and bookmark the site, or put the site on your home screen for easy access.


How do I put the Mobile Coupon Pass on my mobile device and bookmark to my Home Screen?

Safari For Apple

Open the Safari browser and navigate here.

Tap on the Share button located at the bottom of the screen represented by a square with an up arrow in the foreground.

Tap Add to Home Screen and tap add.


Open the Chrome browsers navigate to here.

Tap the three vertical dots in the top right of the screen.

Tap Add to Home Screen and tap add.

Need extra help? Watch this tutorial video. 


Open the Android browser and navigate to here.

Tap the four boxes on the bottom in the center of the screen.

Tap the bookmarks button.

Tap Send to homepage button and click ok.


What if I forgot my Password or would like to change it?

Go here and enter the E-mail associated with your account and tap/click Email Link.

You'll receive an Email with a link to reset your password.


Can I buy more than one Mobile Coupon Pass?

The system is set up for one account per Email address.


How can I tell what cities the Mobile Coupon Pass works in?

Go here to see full preview of the Mobile Coupon Pass including a list of all cities and offers.

We are still growing, so check often for new offers in both existing and new areas.  


How do I use the Mobile Coupon Pass?

Browse the Mobile Coupon Pass for offers you’d like to use.

Go to the business and show them the coupon you’d like to use. Have them tap the redeem button and apply the coupon to your bill.

Watch this video for an example of how it works.


Can I use the Mobile pass on more than one device?

Yes, we designed the Mobile Coupon Pass for your convenience.

Just login with your Email and password on another device.

Remember, the coupons are per Email address so if you use the coupon on one device it is removed from the other device at the same time.


What are the free offers?

Free offers are highlighted in yellow. There is no need to purchase anything to receive the products or services offered in these coupons.


Why is there no expiration date on the coupons, how long are they good for?

Great news, the coupons do not expire as long as you have an active Mobile Coupon Pass.

Offers are good for one year from date of purchase, and businesses can change offers at any time.

Most coupons are good until you use them. There are a few exceptions, such as anything seasonal or a limited special offer from the business.

We reserve the right to remove any offers at the request of the business.


Can I print the coupons?

No, but we offer physical coupon books here


If I accidently hit the redeem button can I get that coupon offer back?

Unfortunately no. We can't undo any redeemed coupons accidental or otherwise.


When do new coupons come out?

We are adding to the Mobile Coupon Pass everyday/every week as offers are approved by the businesses.


Why do some of the offers change?

If a business wants to make changes to the coupons, they have the right to have us change an offer, remove an offer or remove their business entirely from the site.


How long is my Mobile Coupon Pass good for?

One year from when you activate the code on the back of the coupon book.


How do I renew the Mobile Coupon Pass?

You just purchase another Mobile Coupon Pass from here and redeem it on your account.

This renews your Mobile Coupon Pass and resets what coupons you've used.

The amount you saved is not reset.


How much does the organization that is selling the coupon books as a fundraiser get?

Each organization receives $10 per Mobile Coupon Pass.


How do I contact customer service?

Go here.


Technical Support for Mobile Coupon Pass


Trouble signing in.

If you can't sign in, you may be entering an incorrect username or password. If you know you've entered your correct username and password and you still get a message that you cannot be found in our database, or you receive a general site error message, please contact our Member Services team. Make sure to include the type of error you received so we can better assist you.


Enabling Cookies

In most browsers, your cookies can be enabled through your Internet Options. The steps to enable your cookies may vary, so we recommend that you consult your browser help section for instructions on enabling your cookies.


Clearing out phone cache and why you should do it.

If you are having problems with the coupons loading or running slow it could be problems with your devices cache. The steps to clear your cache may vary, so we recommend that you consult your browser help section for instructions on clearing out your cache.

This will also make all Apps on your phone work faster.


I have logged in, but the coupons won't load. What can I do?

When this happens, there are 2 things you can try: First, clear out the history in your browser. Second, make sure you have your location enabled in the browser as well.

If you're unsure of how to do these actions, you can consult our help videos:

Google Chrome Tutorial


Extreme Saver Coupon Book FAQ's


Where can I purchase a Coupon Book?

Go here and find which group you want to support.


How much does the organization that is selling the coupon books as a fundraiser get?

Each organization receives $10 per book.


How long are the coupons good for?

We print multiple books 2 times a year, so the dates vary by book. They usually go for 8 to 14 months. Check coupon books for expiration dates here.


What are the free offers?

Free offers are highlighted in yellow. There is no need to purchase anything to receive the products or services offered in these coupons.


What are the businesses on the front cover?

If a business has their logo on the front cover, this means they gave away something 100% free inside the coupon book.


Guidelines and Terms of Use:


Mobile Coupon Pass Terms of Use

  • READ EACH OFFER CAREFULLY for any conditions, restrictions and exclusions. When an offer has additional stated conditions, those conditions supersede the Terms of Use.
  • Present your coupon on your mobile device or coupon book to a participating merchant before you order.
  • You will be asked to show your phone when redeeming mobile offers.
  • Discounts exclude tax, tip and/or alcohol unless expressly stated otherwise and allowed by law.
  • Offers expire one year from date of activation of your account or when a vendor changes offers. Coupons in coupon book have expiration dates.
  • Offers are not valid with other discounts and are nontransferable.
  • One Membership per Email. Please purchase for each phone to continue to help raise money for organizations.
  • Offers are subject to the maximum dollar value stated. The least expensive item(s), up to the maximum value stated, will be deducted from your bill, or you will receive a percentage off the designated item(s), up to the maximum value stated.
  • When dining, tipping for satisfactory service should be 15–20% of the total bill before the discount amount is subtracted.
  • Dining offers are not valid on children’s menu items, discount-priced daily specials, senior citizen rates, early bird specials, carryout/takeout, and buffets, unless otherwise noted.
  • Major holidays are excluded: New Year’s Eve/Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve/Day. Additionally, for Canada: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day and Boxing Day. Please check with the merchant regarding other regional or local holidays that might be excluded. 
  • For Wisconsin: Redemption may be subject to certain conditions and limitations.

Terms for Buy One Get One Free Offers

  • When purchasing two or more main-course entrees or menu items, the restaurant will deduct the least expensive main-course entrĂ©e or menu item, up to the stated maximum value on the discount. For restaurants offering one complimentary "menu item" when a second is purchased, a "menu item" is considered a main-course menu item.

Business will not honor coupons, or businesses closing

In some rare instances, a merchant may refuse to honor your discount.  Examples are:

  • Business/franchise closing
  • Merchant decision to discontinue the program.
  • Unforeseen change in the business establishment.
  • If a merchant that is listed on Mobile Coupon Pass does not honor your Coupon, please contact us at Please send us an email with the following information if possible:
    • Name of the merchant
    • Address of the merchant (street, city, state/providence)
    • Offer you tried to use
    • Date you tried to use
    • Name of the person you spoke to (if you recall)
    • Reason why the offer was denied
  • Please know that issues like this are not common occurrences. We take these issues very seriously. Mobile Coupon Pass will not be responsible if an establishment refuses to honor a coupon, however, we will attempt to secure compliance. We will try to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. You will not receive a follow-up message on the status of the businesses not honoring the discount.


Refund and Return Policy

Because we are a fundraising company and half of the money goes to a school or organization we cannot refund any money. However if there are problems we will make it right. Please contact CEO Scott Reinhart at 701-885-5193 or email