Coupon Book Fundraise - with Mobile Coupons

Why is an Integrity Coupon Fundraiser more successful than a frozen food, gift brochure, magazines or a candy campaign?

  • No messy order forms
  • No delivery pick-up issues
  • No back orders
  • No going back to customer again
  • No more over priced products
  • No more complaints 


  • Our Products give above average income
  • Our process makes it simple for just 1 volunteer


  • Over $1000 Local Coupon Value
  • $200+ in 100% Free Coupons (see cover for businesses)
  • Perforated coupons and business directory
  • Easy to carry


  • Over $1000 value from local businesses
  • Access 700+ businesses across 4 states
  • Over $10,000 total value
  • Show phone and redeem


  • Direct Sell: sell in person so there are no order forms and no delivery
  • NO RISK: Books are on a consignment basis
  • No minimums to sell
  • No money up front
  • Personalized web page to create online sales Sample Page
  • Less work - majority of the fundraising work is done by us
  • Free Customized Prize Program to include Extreme Prizes
  • Earn 50% Profit

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All Current Coupon Books

Click to View Coupon Books from these cities:

Bemidji MN Coupon Book
Extreme Saver $20.00

Over $1,000.00 in free goods and services!

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Bismarck ND Coupon Book
Bismarck Mandan
Extreme Saver $20.00

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Duluth MN Coupon Book
Duluth Superior
Partner Name $20.00

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Fargo ND, Moorhead MN Coupon Book
Fargo - Moorhead
Chamber Coupon Book $20.00

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Grand Forks ND Green Saver Coupon Book
Grand Forks Area
Fall Edition Green Saver Book $20.00

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Grand Forks ND,  Spring Edition Coupon Book
Grand Forks, ND
Super Saver Spring Edition Coupon Book $20.00

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Mankato MN, Coupon Book
Mankato, MN
Extreme Saver Coupon Book $20.00

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Minot ND Coupon Book
Minot ND
Extreme Saver Coupon Book $20.00

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Rochester, MN Coupon Book
Rochester, MN
Extreme Saver Coupon Book $20.00

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Sioux Falls, SD Coupon Book
Sioux Falls, SD
Extreme Saver Coupon Book $20.00

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