About Us

Scott Reinhart along with his wife Angie created Buzz Publishing in the year 2000 after working many years in the sales and marketing industry.  While working with local magazines Scott was always looking for the best way to help his clients.  While working with Riverside Christian School (RCS) in East Grand Forks, MN an idea was formed to see if we could help the school raise money with a product of greater value.  After many months of research the Super Saver Coupon Book was born.  This book combined great advertising with excellent quality and created a very family friendly coupon book with great value.  The first year out RSC made $6,500 with only 100 families.

The Super Saver Coupon Book was a fantastic idea created in 2005 which later turned into the Extreme Saver Coupon Books.  Scott and Angie recruited Scott Kilde to help build and expand the business which is now in many cities in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.  We work with a limited number of organizations and never try to over-saturate any area so we can continue to get great results for schools.

Jim Hillier with A+ Marketing joined our team in 2012 and covers the southern MN area. Jim has over 20 years experience in the fundraising industry and has been a vital player in helping Integrity expand and grow.  Mike Elliot out of the Duluth area just joined our family in 2015 and has helped open up the Wisconsin area. He also has many, many years of experience in fundraising as we look forward to having him help us grow our company.

Integrity has three divisions which create success.  Scott Reinhart heads up the prospecting and operations division while Scott Kilde, Emily Combs and Dennis Schwalen focus on building the coupon books and June Kilde and AJ Kilde oversee the implementation of fundraisers. Angie Reinhart is a vital asset to our company to keep up our accounting and payroll.

Now we have a great way to tell other organizations about an opportunity to raise even more money with a lot less work with absolutely NO risk!

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions. Call toll free at 1-888-329-5371 or click here to contact us.


Scott Reinhart